Fostering Independent Play

The COMPLETE how-to guide for parents on why, when, and how to encourage independent play!

 Wish your kids spent more time playing without YOU?

 Looking to enhance learning and development?

 Feeling overwhelmed by toys & play spaces that just aren't working?

 Looking to drink your coffee hot while your kids play peacefully?

     This course is for you!

Yes, it's possible for your kids to learn to play independently!

Discover how you can do LESS and get your kids playing MORE.

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Write your awesome label here.

Yes, independent play is how you can best support your child's growth and development!

Discover what kids are learning as they direct their own play.

Say goodbye to...

 hours of setting up cute activities to keep kids entertained

an over reliance on screen time to get through the day

 cluttered and overwhelming playrooms

Say hello to...

 engaged, curious, and creative play

 simple, manageable play spaces

 much needed breaks as your kids play without you

 independent and capable kids

About the Course 

Fostering Independent Play is an on-demand video course for parents, caregiver, and educators of kids birth to age 6. 

You'll learn:

  • how to raise kids who are CAPABLE, CURIOUS, and CREATIVE
  • the importance of independent play (psst, it's ESSENTIAL for learning and development!)
  • how to pick toys (and what to get rid of)
  • space set ups that invite more play
  • parenting tools that build independence

Course Layout

On Demand & Self Paced

Module 1: Intro To All Things Play

Learn why independent play is ESSENTIAL for kids so you can let go of the guilt, step back, and take a break as they play!
  • Includes: 2 video lessons

Module 2: Setting the Stage

Learn how to set up play spaces and pick "toys" that foster deep independent play.
  • Includes: 2 video lessons, 5 pages of downloads

Module 3: Less is More

Learn how to declutter toys, do a toy rotation, and keep from getting too much stuff.
  • Includes: 3 video lessons, 4 pages of downloads

Module 4: Parenting to Encourage Independent Play

Learn all the parenting tips to help you control your actions in ways that invite more independent play from your kids. 
  • Includes: 10 video lessons, 2 pages of downloads

Included in the course:

17 Video Lessons: each easy to digest video builds upon the last to give you all the tools you need to foster independent play (over 2 hours of content)

•Discussion Board: ask questions and chat with other learners

• PDF Guides: printable downloads so you can review key concepts, highlights, and action steps

• Certificate of Completion

• Lifetime Access:
revisit the course again and again!

Who is the course for?

Parents, caregiver, and teachers of kids birth to age 6.

The course is for ANYONE who wants to enhance development and learning through independent play! (And anyone looking to catch a break from the need to constantly entertain kids).

You'll learn about the importance of play and have all the tools to create spaces, homes, and routines that invite more play. 

Fostering Independent Play


100% satisfaction guarantee
Wow, 'Fostering Independent Play' was an absolute game-changer for me! It was packed with cool insights and hands-on tips that I could easily try with my kiddos. Seriously, any parent or caregiver needs to check this out!
— Abby M.
Loved the short videos. Super easy to watch with lots of action steps. I'm already seeing a difference in my kids play just from doing a toy declutter! 100% worth it!
— Kelsey W.
I loved all that I learned about the importance of play! Instead of feeling guilty about not playing with my daughter all the time, I can now step back and see all the ways she's learning!
— Lauren
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COurse Creator

Laurel, M.Ed.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Laurel and I'm a play advocate. I created this course to help teachers and parents add more play into the live of kids (and catch a much needed break along the way).

A bit about me:

 Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator
 Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education
 15 years of experience working with parents and kids as a teacher and parenting coach.

My love for play and child led learning has led to the development of many courses for parents. My work centers on giving parents the tools to raise kids who are kind, wise, and resilient. 

Follow along with all things parenting and play:         
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